Older Happie Amps have lead acid batteries:  (1 time per year free lead acid battery click here)

Click on the option you want below.

$37 (recurring billed yearly)

$39 (non-recurring for the year)

$3.25 (recurring billed monthly)

2 Amazing Amps $4.99 (recurring billed monthly)

2 Amazing Amps $57.88 (recurring billed yearly)

If you have a different combination of our units contact us for a link.

The UNLIMITED warranty by Empower Sound is an amazing deal. Other ‘warranties’ give the word a bad name. Read the details carefully. You are not going to believe it! Only theft is not covered. Everything else it.

ALL damage and defect is covered
NO deductible
FULL replacement
NO waiting for a repair
IMMEDIATE shipping of your replacement (you pay only the exact shipping fee that we pay)
NEVER expires (cancel anytime)
EVERYTHING in the box is covered (only exception is Happie Amp 2.0 battery is limited to once/year, just pay shipping)

Mail back your broken unit after you get the new one. You can find the cheapest confirmed delivery method. No shipping insurance needed.

Oops! I left it on the roof of the car, it flew off into oncoming traffic, I have the pieces. ITS COVERED!

Oops! I was doing a show and someone knocked the Happie Amp into the pool.

Oops! I left it in the rain … for 3 days.

Oops! I left it plugged in during a lightning storm and its fried.

Oops! Someone kicked it off the balcony I was doing my show on and it fell 3 stories.

The possibilities and endless….

Do the math!
If your amp cost $399
If your UNLIMITED warranty is $4.99 per month ($59.88 per year)

$399/4.99=80  (It would take 80 months before this was a bad investment!)

Can you go over 80 months with no damages?
This is a GREAT investment!!!
Never have to buy a new amp!! If it wears out over time we will send you a brand new amp!


We reserve the right to cancel any or all warranties without notice.

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