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VANISH Magazine


“Perhaps the EASIEST to use custom made music system for ANY PERFORMER”

“This gives you full control of your music without having to look down….”

“One of the things I LOVE about this is the remote itself.  It is designed with entertainers in mind.”




M-U-M Magazine

MUM cover from Ultimate Control review












“If you perform shows, you should be using music.”

“…play back music with exacting control..”

“I doubt you could break the remote even by dropping it from a roof.”

“I suggest you buy a second unit.”

“As you may have guessed, I thought very highly of Ultimate Control.”

“In addition to the high quality of the unit, I have to mention the great reputation Brian Happie has.”

“Well worth it for any professional performer.”





“The supplied unit works very well, is easy to learn, and neatly solves a problem that many who use audio in their acts will have found.”

“I was impressed with the quality”

“worked very well”

5 stars


GENII Magazine

Genii Magazine review of Ultimate Control coverGenii Magazine review of Ultimate Control page 1Genii Magazine review of Ultimate Control page 2













“It was far easier than I expected.”

“Highly recommended”








MAGIC Magazine  (published before we offered the extended range remote)

MAGIC Magazine review of Ultimate Control “The process of importing (files) is straightforward.”

“Once you have your songs on the device, you can create an unlimited amount of playlists…”

“The supplied remote allows you to easily control your sound cues.”

Mr. Trace mentions the range of the remote to be 40 feet when in your pocket.  We heard his recommendation loud and clear and now offer an extended range remote that works at 200 feet from in your pocket!



MAGIE German Magazine

“(Ultimate Control) received the best rating possible!!!”


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 2 reviews
by Christian on
Awesome Service!

It is not just a great product but the customer service is unique! Thank you Brian Happie!

by Lorraine L. on
Ultimate Control Changed My Life!!!

Ultimate Control Changed My Life, and Totally Helped Me "Get My Act Together"!!! Sounds Bogus? I'm not kidding! Ultimate Control took my act from pretty decent to Totally Professional in One Fell Swoop!!! I was constantly fumbling with music before and during each show in an attempt to enhance my magic, and believe me, I've tried numerous systems and methods...I also couldn't afford to pay a "music guy" for each show to prepare and accompany me to each show to cue my backup music and sound effects...who has that kind of money? Ultimate Control makes it way easy; I'm booking more shows, and more profitable shows to boot! Ultimate Control has truly taken my career to the Next Level!...and Brian and his Customer Support is Top Notch and Totally Awesome!...I'm a total ditz, and can barely turn on my computer, and Brian provided me with all the Support and Help to Help me make each of my Shows The Best Ever!!! One good show pays for this system, so this should be a no brainer! Make a simple investment into your business with Ultimate Control, take Your Entertainment to the Next Level, and make Your Shows The Best They Can Be! Do It, and You'll See Immediate Results in Your Bookings, Earnings and Referrals! I am, and I know You Will Too! Lorraine L.

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