No longer available. The Amazing Amp BT is a better option at a lower price. Please see description for more info.


Full Description

UHF Pro is no longer available.

The Amazing Amp BT is a better option at a lower price.

Amazing Amp BT is the same as UHF Pro in these regards:
Comes with:
2 headsets
2 lapel mics
2 transmitters
1 handheld mic
Soft carrying bag
Lithium battery built in
Wireless connection to Bluetooth(TM) enabled devices
2 people can speak at once
Individual volumes for wireless channels and aux input

AABT is better in these regards:

Mics do not need to be synced. The syncing of the mics with the UHF Pro is one of the most common problems people had with this system. The process was confusing.

Easy to use. 6 knobs and 1 button instead of 3 knob/buttons and 12 buttons.

Crystal clear sound. UHF Pro had a hush sound behind your voice that Amazing Amp does not.

External gain knob on transmitters. This allows you to adjust the sensitivity on the mic (essentially the volume) as you are using it very quickly and easily. The UHF Pro did not have this.

What you will have to live without that the UHF Pro had but Amazing Amp doesn't

Built in radio- but you can use bluetooth or inputs from any radio or music device.

SD card slot. However, you do have bluetooth and aux input!

Adjustable treble and bass. Amazing Amp has a single tone knob.


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 8 reviews
by Nick Roberts on UHF Pro

I've tried several p/A systems through the years, from karaoke machines to Peavey equipment, and I must say just how incredibly pleased I am with the UHF Pro.The set up is so easy, and there aren't as many parts to keep track of, as with other wireless systems.The sound quality is great, and covers most any inside group I entertain. In cases where a large p/A is needed, the church or school usually have an adequate system these days.I'd highly recommend empowersound, and Brian Foshee for your p/A needs.I look forward to other new and exciting products.

by Rev Ron Keller on UHF Pro

I love my UHF Pro. I do lots of outdoor weddings and it wroks very good. I also use it indoors. I Love it.

by Bruce Jacoby on UHF Pro
Great Sound From The UHF Pro

I have owned all three models of amps that Brian has put out. By far this is my favorite! I love the flexibility of being able to use 2 mics and being able to adjust the frequency of it. The sound quality is as good as it gets for a small amp system that can be used at all your shows!

by Lynnae Weller on UHF Pro
Love it!

I do shows with four people, so I actually have 2 of these. They are great. The sound is very clear and everyone can hear. Every time I turn it on, I know we've got the audio portion of my show covered. I've recommended it to many, many people! Love it!

by R.J. Lewis on UHF Pro
UHF Pro - Great Portable Sound

I've been using the "Happie Amp" unit for years, but with so many shows in New York City's Five Boroughs, the many electronic signals in the air would interfere. So, I upgraded to the UHF Pro, and the problem disappeared!. Plus, I use the Ultimate Control, and the back of the UHF Pro opens up and makes a perfect shelf to lay it on. My only concern was it not being loud enough for my large camp shows-- then it hit me! I can run a cable from my UHF to my OTHER Happie Amp. It DOUBLED the sound output. Plus-- battery powered and portable-- It's just great!

by Scott Dorfman on UHF Pro
The Perfect Amp for me!

As a busy kid's magician in Las Vegas, I do varying size gigs from birthday parties with 15 kids to school assemblies with 400 children. I have used my UHF pro Happy amp for all of them and I have never had a problem with people not hearing me. It is perfect for libraries, blue and gold banquets, pretty much any kind of gig I come across. And it is so portable and easy to use! Well worth the price. Make sure you get the unlimited warranty. It is well worth it!

by Monica Whitt on UHF Pro
LOVE my Happie Amp 🙂

I LOVE my Happie Amp. I am childrens ministry director and puppet ministry leader at our church. I bought the amp a year ago and use it for all my puppet productions. We also go to the nursing home once a month and the amp is light, convenient to travel with and has awesome sound quality and volume. I seriously love this product and was more than happy to renew the warranty after this year...but nothing went wrong considering most CD players I have bought last 2 months. I put all my scripts/songs on a USB drive and am good to go. $450 seems like a lot to spend on a limited church budget - but it was well worth it. No regrets - I would do it again.

by Emmett Miller on UHF Pro
saved the day

99 % of my time is spent working out doors. Street magic is how I make a living. This year I was working with 2 brass bands one on each side of me. With out the UHF Pro I would have had to pack up and go home. Love this amp.

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