UHF Pro rent2own $82 per month for 6 months

UHF Pro rent2own $82 per month for 6 months


No longer available. See "more info" for a great alternative.


Full Description

UHF Pro is no longer available.

The Amazing Amp BT is a better option at a lower price.

Amazing Amp BT is the same as UHF Pro in these regards:
Comes with:
2 headsets
2 lapel mics
2 transmitters
1 handheld mic
Soft carrying bag
Lithium battery built in
Wireless connection to Bluetooth(TM) enabled devices
2 people can speak at once
Individual volumes for wireless channels and aux input

AABT is better in these regards:

Mics do not need to be synced. The syncing of the mics with the UHF Pro is one of the most common problems people had with this system. The process was confusing.

Easy to use. 6 knobs and 1 button instead of 3 knob/buttons and 12 buttons.

Crystal clear sound. UHF Pro had a hush sound behind your voice that Amazing Amp does not.

External gain knob on transmitters. This allows you to adjust the sensitivity on the mic (essentially the volume) as you are using it very quickly and easily. The UHF Pro did not have this.

What you will have to live without that the UHF Pro had but Amazing Amp doesn't

Built in radio- but you can use bluetooth or inputs from any radio or music device.

SD card slot. However, you do have bluetooth and aux input!

Adjustable treble and bass. Amazing Amp has a single tone knob.


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