Brand new offer from Empower Sound!

You can start your Unlimited Warranty at any time!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Starting your Unlimited Warranty upon purchase is the only way to avoid the disappearing deductible for the warranty.  If you just purchased your amp (within 30 days) you should sign up with THIS LINK instead.


What is different about the “Late Start” Unlimited Warranty?

There is a $200 deductible on repairs starting the day you sign up for the warranty.  The deductible GOES DOWN by $20 each consecutive month you are a paying member.  Once you reach the end of 10 months, your warranty will have no deductible EVER AGAIN as long as you pay each renewal.

What is covered?  This includes: speaker unit, power cord, 12V battery, transmitters, headsets, lapel mics, carrying bag, handheld mic.  This does not include hard case, stands, 9V batteries, OSP earworm mic. 

Choose your option

$37 yearly automatically recurring ($2 savings per year)

$3.25 monthly automatically recurring

You are responsible for shipping on replacements.  Loss and theft is not covered.  Once you get your replacement you are responsible to return the damaged unit back to us.  If you do not, you will be charged full retail value for what you have received.

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