Highway to Success: The Entertainer's Roadmap to Busines (E-Book)

Highway to Success: The Entertainer's Roadmap to Busines (E-Book)


Highway to Success: The Entertainer's Roadmap to Business. by Elliott Smith and Ian Quick. Instant download will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase.

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"This book is a very detailed explanation of how to run your business beyond doing your show. It takes the panic out of going full-time and makes it possible."
- Brian Happie Foshee
Highway to Success: The Entertainer's Roadmap to Business
The complete guide to the business of being an entertainer.

Entertainers need more than talent to be truly successful … they need to mind their business, too!

Created BY entertainers FOR entertainers:

With over 50 years of combined experience as professional magicians, entertainers and businessmen, authors Elliott Smith and Ian Quick have put together a proven business system that works. It will equip you with the knowledge to successfully set up, operate and thrive as a part-time or full-time professional entertainer. Ideal for any type of entertainer whether you are a musician, magician, clown, singer, dancer, actor, juggler or any other type of performing artist. From basic business structures to legalities, from advertising to booking the show or closing the sale, this must have proven system is based upon tried methods and practical experience. It will refine your business savvy and increase your clientele putting more money in your pocket.

Easy to read and use:

This full-colour, glossy, 176-page book is easy to read and apply to your business of being an entertainer and entrepreneur. This is a very affordable investment.

"So you’ve got a decent magic act and are ready to make money at it. As any entertainment pro can tell you, it’s quite a leap to turn a magic obsession into a profitable business. Fortunately, magicians Elliott Smith and Ian Quick have written “Highway to Success ,” a road guide, so to speak, that offers a solid foundation in business basics with an emphasis on entertainment. The book is a useful and easy read that dispenses excellent advice that can help you make the move into show “business.”

Wayne Kawamoto, About.com

"I was extremely impressed by the professional and creative presentation of the work, as well as the vital information packed into every well-written paragraph. This book is an essential guide for any performer or creative talent working in the entertainment industry today."

- Kelly J. Compeau, Publicist & Talent ManagerShowbiz Media Services

Save yourself many years in the real-life school of hard-knocks:

To get all of this valuable, condensed knowledge and experience, you could spend hundreds of hours reading many different books—and many hundreds of dollars more buying them—than the affordable investment in the "Highway to Success – Entertainer’s Roadmap to Business" printed book and electronic computer tools.

Extended Warranty:

When you purchase "Highway to Success," you are automatically eligible to receive your Secret Password to access our "Extended Warranty" page including practical, easy-to-use, ready to use business forms and samples in word, excel and .pdf formats. These include:

Performance Contracts

Entertainment Agreements

Letters of Introduction


Business Cards

Sponsorship Agreements

Telephone Scripts

Daily, weekly, and monthly Activity Checklists

Call Tracking Form

Sales Forecasting Form

Expense and Budget Worksheet

Spreadsheets (Excel format): Call Tracking - Sales Forecasting - Expense and Budget

Highway to Success includes suitcases full of tips, tricks, strategies, examples, practical advice and secrets for success including:

How to make

How to avoid pitfalls

How to minimize your risks

How to make waves with marketing

How to make more money

How to become known, recognized, respected, and sought-out

How to become business savvy

Our Double Personal Guarantee:

We know that you will benefit from "Highway to Success," it's backed by our Double Personal Guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we will refund you right away. No questions, no hassles. It’s that simple, and it’s that solid a “Double Guarantee” from the both of us. We take our reputations very seriously – our living and our careers depend on it!

Are you serious about success? Do you really want to make it happen?

Then get your hands on "Highway to Success" right now. Why? Because if you don't, you will be simply making one of the most critical errors we warn you about and coach you through in our very first chapter.


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