Amazing Amp package deal rent2own $62 per month for 6 months

Amazing Amp package deal rent2own $62 per month for 6 months


Formerly Happie Amp Package Deal. EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND MORE! Handheld, Headsets, lapel mics, speaker, highest quality battery, inputs, outputs..
We didn't name it, our customers did.
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Package Deal includes:
Aluminum frame hard case.

Tripod stand with adapter to connect the speaker

Recommended cords: You only need these if you connect music or connect to a DJ. Throw them in the bag and keep them with you and some day you will be REALLY glad you have them. (3.5mm cord to run your music device, RCA to 3.5mm cord for projector or DJ connection, 3.5mm and 6.5mm cord adapters, slim profile 3.5mm adapter to connect cell phones, 3.5mm coupler to attach two cords)

Everything you get in the Amazing Amp:
Amazing Amp speaker
removable rechargeable easy to use li-ion 12V battery
power cord
(2) headset mics
(2) lapel mics
carrying bag
(3) 9V batteries
(2) belt pack transmitters
handheld microphone

Add an additional Amazing Amp and get an additional tripod stand FOR FREE!!

Amazing Amp is formerly Happie Amp. See videos and reviews below.
See review by Bob Tobias, independent product reviewer for amazon products

Watch Happie Amp work for 1000 people in a High School Gym!
- Happy Amps for 1000 People


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