Amazing Amp BT Professional Setup

Amazing Amp BT Professional Setup


Package includes speaker stand, mic stand, hard case, cords/adapters, and full Amazing Amp BT as described under "Amazing Amp BT"!


Full Description

Amazing amp BT is in stock. Stands and hard cases are backordered. Your order will ship complete once all components are available. If you would like us to ship the amazing amp now, please indicate that in the notes of the order.

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Amazing Amp BT is the next generation of Amazing Amp and Happie Amp 2.0.

Amazing Amp BT has 5 new features you have been asking for:
1. BT connection so you can use your phone or tablet wirelessly
2. Individual volume controls for each wireless channels
3. The ability to turn off each wireless channel when not in use to prevent interference.
4. Two 9V batteries INCLUDED!
5. Rechargeable 9V battery charger built in!

Amazing Amp is the #1 Portable PA System for Entertainers, Public Speakers, and Wedding Officiants.

What makes us unique:
Powerful, Portable, Professional!

ALL-INCLUSIVE! You could open the box at your event and use it!

2 wireless channels! 2 people can be mic'ed at the same time OR you can ACTUALLY plug another device (mp3 player, projector, boom box, CD player, etc) into the second transmitter (included) and THAT UNIT IS NOW WIRELESS TOO!

Highest quality long lasting (over 6 hours) internal rechargeable battery

Small enough to carry under your arm and loud enough for up to 400 people!

Built in receiver. No more packing up 5 different components.. Amazing Amp is ALL INCLUSIVE!

This model comes with:
Speaker/Receiver with individual volume controls for mics and inputs for your music device, tone, and echo controls, and internal rechargeable lithium ion battery.
2 belt pack transmitters that can be used at the same time
1 Handheld mic
2 headset mics
2 lapel mics
Power cord (to recharge internal battery or use when plugged in)
2 9V batteries to get you started
Soft carrying case
Mic stand with mic clip
Speaker stand
Aluminum frame protective case with customizable foam inside
Recommended cords and adapters (3.5mm to 6.5mm, 6.5mm to 3.5mm, 3.5mm audio cord, RCA to 3.5mm cord, slim profile 3.5mm adapter for phones in thick cases)

Looking for the Rent2own option? Click here

See review by Bob Tobias, independent product reviewer for amazon products


T.H.D 1%
S/N Ratio ≥60dB
Frequency response 25HZ-15KHZ
RMS 15W (Max 50W)
Frequency range 174MHZ-216MHZ
AC power supply 110V 50/60HZ (220V model available)
DC power supply 12V2A
RF output power <10mW> Speaker One full range 6.5" speaker
Wireless service range 35 meters in ideal area

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 18 reviews
by Betty J. Muller on Amazing Amp Package Deal
Lives Up to the Hype

Owning a small business, I purchased a no-name portable amp years ago because it was inexpensive. It was also very cumbersome and heavy to lug around. On the wedding officiant message board, I'd been hearing about the Happie Amp, that it was the only one many recommended. Also, Brian was said to be great as he assisted and directed everyone to the appropriate equipment.With business increasing, I knew it was time to go for the Happie Amp and I was NOT disappointed. Brian and I exchanged several emails before my purchase and I was very excited to receive it. It's compact but powerful, the package with the stand and the lanier, battery packs, and other accessories was very good for the price. I've used it many times now and it always works wonderfully! Very happy buying experience!

by Andrew Anderson on Amazing Amp Package Deal
Pleased again!

I purchased a second Happie Amp (Amazing Amp) to complement my first amp in order to accommodate a larger audience. As with the first Happie Amp, I'm most pleased with the second.

Amazing Amp

I am very happy with my purchase. It is compact and works well for me. With the hand held microphone you need to speak directly into it and not from the sides. Overall, I am extremely happy with all the accessories, the hard case and all. Happy customer!

by Jesus Berdin on Amazing Amp Package Deal
One stop shopping

Everything you need to perform with great sound and look professional.excellent value for your money highly recommend to all magicians.

by Peter Bugnet on Amazing Amp Package Deal
Happie Amp 2.0 package deal

Brian has gone above and beyond to ensure you get the best deal for your money. the package deal includes everything you need to get started and sound incredible right away! I have been using mine for over 2 years and love it. Brian doesn't stop at the sale, either - he responds to questions quickly and stands firmly beside you to make your experience perfect.You have got to check this out!

by john dudley on Amazing Amp Package Deal
Makes my value go up!

I just got a "thank you" email for a recent show I did at a Blue & Gold banquet for about 200 people. I had performed there last year and they supplied a karaoke sound system for me to use. I decided to take my Happie Amp this year so I'd be heard. When the scoutmaster gave up on his system, I told him that he could use mine & handed him the microphone. He was blown away so much that in his email, he thanked me for the great sound I had brought along and wanted to know where he could find this item. I'm SURE his check will be in the mail soon. My Happie Amp is my best buy in the last 10 years for my shows. Thank you!

by Eric Johnson on Amazing Amp Package Deal
Exactly what I have been looking for!!

I got my Happie Amp today and I wanted to say Thank You!! This is exactly what I have been needing for my Stand-up show and when I work the street!!! Sounds great and it's portable.

by Rev. Judith Guasch on Amazing Amp Package Deal
Wedding Wonder!

As a full-time wedding Officiant, I use my amp ALL the time, every weekend, year-round! I cannot tell you how many DJ's have asked me where I got it and for the website info. It is FANTASTIC if you want to be heard, but not have a huge ugly piece of equipment showing up in all the wedding photos. I'm pretty sure some of those same DJ's have since purchased their own Happie Amps as well. My couples love the fact that their guests can hear the ceremony in perfect clarity, right down to their sniffs of joy when they choke up mid-ceremony.


I'm a wedding officiant who performs weddings everywhere; backyards, beaches, parks, halls, you name it, I'm there standing behind two lovely people and trying to make myself heard by anywhere from 10 to 300 of their closest friends. Before I bought the Happie Amp package, I bought a Hisonic off of eBay. It looked the same but I frequently had issues with feedback and a horrible tinny sound. One day, an usher backed into my little Hisonic and broke the antenna off of it. Useless. Boo!I decided to buy the Happie amp package with the amp stand in order to protect it from clumsy ushers in the future. Now I get great sound, a handy case (which doubles as a spot to keep my paperwork and camera during the ceremony), and a very handy stand that keeps the amp visible and safe. I'm loving the sound and lack of feedback loops!I've already had at least one couple thank me repeatedly for the "aux in" jack that allowed them to use an ipod for their ceremony music in a venue without electricity. The battery seems to last forever and I love the fact that the microphone batteries recharge right in the amp itself. Brilliant!My only complaint is that I want another one in order to serve larger crowds with more balanced sound! Love my Happie amp package and you will too!

Don't leave home without it

This is a no brain-er! If you use sound in your shows, or need to be heard, this is the Amp for you. I own 2 of them, and always have at least one with me at all times. This will make you look like a full-time pro, even if you do this part time.

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